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Home Security Tips

<h1>Home Security Tips</h1>
  • Always leave some lights on when you go out, ideally on a time switch if you are away for more than a few hours.
  • Don't forget to lock your garage door, if you have a door between the garage and your house it can be a great opportunity for any burglar.
  • Don't forget to lock your windows when you leave the house, even if they are located on the second floor.
  • Get your alarm system checked periodically by a professional locksmith.
  • Change front and back door keys when moving into a new home. Where possible, a rekey process will save you a lot of money and unnecessary lock replacement service.
  • Be careful when choosing a safe - digital locks are often easy to open.
  • Keep your front and back garden well-lit. If the burglar can't access your property undetected, he won't take the risk and will likely choose an easier target.
  • Keep your valuables (car keys, jewellery you just took off, laptops, mobile phones etc.) out of sight. Burglars always assess the potential loot, don't tempt him and put it all away.

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