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Advice For The Salford Students

<h1>Advice For The Salford Students</h1>

According to Manchester City Council, over a thousand student homes were burgled last year.

Burglars target shared houses as they know that there will be rich pickings. There will probably be multiple laptops, smartphones and other valuables for the taking.

Don't provide thieves with an easy target! Take some easy steps to prevent and deter them!

1. Out of sight, Out of mind

Keep valuable items out of view. Especially if yours is a downstairs room. Don't tempt a window-shopping scoundrel by leaving a laptop near a window.

2. Lock up

Well, it might seem obvious, but things can get tricky when you live in a shared house.

A third of burglaries are down to people leaving doors unlocked and their windows open. Make sure everyone you share with understands the importance and takes the time to lock up properly.

3. Choosing a Rental Property

Most burglars get in through the front or back door by force such as by simply kicking it in. When you and your friends are choosing a rental property, look at the door. Check it is strong and has more than just a simple Yale lock. If you're not sure, ask your landlord if it has a strong mortice lock and if doesn't, ask whether it can be upgraded to a higher security lock. Ask Tone Locksmiths of Salford if you're unsure.

4. Outside Areas

Make sure there is nothing outside the premises that can be used during a burglary. Often wheelie bins are used as a leg up to an upper-floor window and even to transport stolen items!

5. Mark Your Property

You can mark your property - from you mobile phone to your bike. This can help the police identify your property as yours if they recover it after it has been stolen.

6. During the Holidays

Take what valuables you can back home with you. Try and make the house look occupied. Have lights come on and off using a time switch, or even the radio too. Make sure the post doesn't pile up - another giveaway that no one is around. Ask someone you trust to pick up the post every so often.